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Staff and Support Members

Mother Vicki Davis

Mother Vicki Davis has been saved and involved in ministry since 1983. She has been a diligent servant of God and leader at Austin Love Ministries since 2004. She is an intercessory prayer warrior, works with the Children’s ministry, a member of the Praise and Worship team and the Gospel group Sista’s Girls. She is also the ministry’s Program/Event Coordinator. Vicki is always available as the church Mother, to guide young women in Christ.

Deacon Archie Davis

Deacon Archie Davis is the head deacon for Austin Love Ministries.  He also serves as Armor Bearer and leader of the usher ministry. He assists with the children’s ministry, audio ministry and volunteers as the church cook. He initiated the original idea to convert the bible study to a church in 2004 and has been energetic in serving in the ministry because of his love for God.

Deacon Joseph Mena

Deacon Joseph has been with Austin Love Ministries for over a year.  Joseph saw where he could help with the ministry and began to lend a hand.  He handles all the media for the ministry, including operating the sound equipment, sound board and big screen viewing during all services.  Joseph also handles the DVD side of the recorded services which makes it possible to bless others with DVD and CD copies of our services.

Sanctuary Servant Chanda Kennie

Ms. Chanda Kennie has been with the ministry for 5 years.  She is a very diligent and hard working sanctuary servant for Austin Love Ministries.  She assists with the collection of the offering and also assists with distribution of the communion sacraments.  Ms. Chanda also assists Pastor Emily as needed.  She has a special gift of noticing a need and taking the initiative to assist.


Sanctuary Servant Lanaya Jones

Ms. Lanaya Jones has been with Austin Love Ministries since the very conception of the ministry.  She is the daughter of Pastors Corey and Alicia Jones.   She was a small baby when the ministry began and has grown up learning about God.  She is a huge help in the ministry.  Lanaya is able to fulfill almost all positions in the church.  She follows and assists her grandfather Deacon Archie Davis with the collection of the offering, distribution of the communion sacraments, and pitches in to help with children’s church when called upon.  Lanaya is also familiar with the sound board and is able to fill in when necessary.  She is a member of the Praise and Worship Team and participates in the praise dance team.


Benevolence Minister Carolyn Jones

Ms. Carolyn Jones has been with Austin Love Ministries for six years.  Ms. Carolyn has a heart like Jesus and meets and greets everyone who walks through the doors of the church with a warm hug and kiss on the cheek.  She fulfills a very unique and critical part of the ministry.  She makes home visits to bring her special chicken soup to those who might be ill.  Ms. Carolyn makes visits to the hospitals and jail.  She is a very diligent member and friend to all.

Children’s Church Minister

Bevley Walker has been an active member of Austin Love Ministries since 2010 and was ordained as minister for the Austin Love Ministries children’s church.  Minister Walker graduated from central high school in San Angelo, Texas.  Bevley Walker has over 25 years of experience in working with children of various ages, including work with children with disabilities.  She has experience in working closely with parents of children with disabilities.  Minister Walker has worked in Austin independent school district for 10 years.  Minister Walker has a Texas Educator Certificate as an educational aide 1.  Minister Walker’s goal as a children’s minister is to ensure that every child knows about the word of God.  Her contribution to children’s ministry is to instill God’s word in every child.







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